What’s a Zip Level Foundation Inspection

What’s a Zip Level Foundation Inspection from Top To Bottom

Call 281-565-4677 to arrange for a zip level foundation inspection for your new home.   You want to make sure your foundation is level as a first step in building your new home.  Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors can help you check that it is level.

One of the things Top to Bottom Inspections does that’s above and beyond the standards of practice is to use a zip level. And this zip level is by Technodia.

Peace of Mind Comes with a Zip Level Foundation Inspection

What we do is we measure the perimeter of the slab, check for levelness, and we record those measurements and provide those to our customers on a baseline drawing, which shows exactly the elevation of the foundation and exactly how level that foundation is.

First thing that we do is we go to the approximate center of the foundation, and we take a zero measurement reading. That is our reference point. And then we will take measurements at various locations around the perimeter of the foundation and other points on the foundation and record those measurements and apply those to the drawing that we provide to our customers.

So the benefit of having a zip level sketch, or an elevation drawing of your foundation when you purchase a home, is that now you have this document that you can reference. If you ever think or suspect that you have a foundation problem, you can re-measure that slab and check it against the baseline drawing that Top to Bottom Inspections has provided to you.

Assure Yourself of Quality Construction

The zip level foundation inspection is one of the new construction home inspections we offer as a package.  Call us at 281-565-4677 for a quote for your inspection.  There’s no easy or inexpensive fix to a faulty foundation after the home is built so make sure yours is level at the start.

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