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Our pest inspections provide you with peace of mind in your real estate transaction.  We’re allied with another 5 star Pest Control Company to provide you with the same professionalism and attention-to-detail in termite and wood destroying insect (WDI) inspections that we provide in real estate inspections.  You can call Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors at 281-565-4677 and schedule a property inspection and a WDI inspection with one call.

Termites & Other Wood Destroying Insects Thrive in Houston

Termites and other wood-destroying insects are a huge problem in Houston and surrounding communities. Subterranean termites are the most commonly found pests, but we also find drywood and Formosan termites.  In addition, other pests such as various wood-boring beetles and powderpost beetles can cause tremendous damage to structures in the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

Our inspectors have the experience and training to find and identify these pests in Houston homes and commercial buildings. 

Termite Inspections For Real Estate Agents and Home Buyers

We have many years of experience working with Fort Bend County and Houston real estate professionals and home buyers and sellers to provide WDI inspections and termite inspections. We understand the real estate transaction process, and we can almost always work within the time constraints imposed by buyers and sellers to provide a professional, thorough WDI inspection and a Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report.

Suppose termites or other wood-destroying insects are found during the inspection. In that case, Our recommended Pest Control Company can destroy the insects and provide the purchasers with a termite warranty.

Why Worry About Undiscovered Termites in a Home or Building You’re Buying

If you schedule a real estate and termite inspection with Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors, you’ll have justified confidence in your knowledge of the property’s condition.  If you’re a real estate agent in a transaction, you want potential insect problems discovered and corrected before closing.

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