Pre Purchase Home Inspection

Why You Should Have a Pre Purchase Home Inspection from Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors

Many of the home inspections we perform in the Houston area are pre purchase home inspections. Most home purchase contracts are written to make the sale contingent on a satisfactory home inspection, so this is the buyer’s opportunity to ensure that there aren’t hidden problems in the home that affect the home’s value or its suitability for the buyer.


No home is perfect.  We won’t waste your time by listing meaningless faults, but we will do a thorough and professional home inspection to give you, the buyer, an accurate assessment of the condition of your intended home purchase.  An unprofessional pre purchase home inspection can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in unforeseen repair bills or diminished home values.  Don’t risk that money by hiring unqualified inspectors.

At Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors, we’re proud of the experience, training and attention to detail of our inspectors.  Please compare the qualifications of our inspectors with any other home inspection company in the Houston area.  We’re also proud of the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from clients on this website and on Yelp and other reviews websites.

Detached water heater vent stack – pre purchase home inspection
Detached water heater vent stack – pre purchase home inspection

Our detailed pre purchase home inspection reports are usually available to our clients within 24 hours of the inspection, via Internet download from any location.  The report will include photographs with detailed explanations of our findings.  Depending on your availability, our inspectors will try to provide you with a verbal pre purchase home inspection report either at the home site or at a convenient location.

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