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Our Commercial Property Inspections Help Ensure a Successful Houston Property Purchase

How We Do Commercial Property Inspections

Before you purchase a business or commercial property in the Metro Houston area, you should hire experts to conduct a thorough commercial property inspection.  Whether you’re considering a multi-family complex, a storage building, a business office or any other business property, you want to make sure you have a good understanding of the condition of the property before you close the deal.

Your due diligence should include a commercial property inspection from Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors.  Our inspectors have extensive experience in all forms of commercial and residential construction, and their experience, education and attention-to-detail will give you the information you need to make good decisions.

Get a Commercial Property Inspection from Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspectors
Get a Commercial Property Inspection from Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors

The best way for you to get the needed information is to have our Commercial Property Inspectors perform a Property Condition Assessment, done in accordance with the standards provided by the ASTM E2018.  ASTM E2018 is the only commercial property inspection standard recognized by major lenders.

The Property Condition Assessment is a voluntary, standardized method of doing a commercial property inspection, and it’s been established by a nationally and internationally recognized standards organization.  Our inspectors will look at your property’s drainage, structure, and system components as part of the Assessment.  This detailed inspection will assess the condition of your commercial property’s structural, mechanical and electrical systems.

If there are aspects of your property that require specialized expertise, we can partner with licensed specialists to provide complete oversight of the property inspection process.

Following the Property Condition Assessment, your inspector will provide you with a Property Condition Report (PCR), which usually describes issues observed, recommendations for repair or further inspections, and estimates of the likely cost of any repairs.

With a PCR from Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors, you’ll have a much better understanding of your commercial property’s condition BEFORE purchase.  This knowledge will provide you with a better negotiating position during the transaction and save you money on the purchase and during ownership.  Most of the time, the negotiating benefits and cost avoidance benefits you gain from your Property Condition Report far outweigh the cost of our inspection.

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Why Choose Top To Bottom for Your Commercial Property Inspection

Our Houston Commercial Property Inspectors have in-depth training and decades of commercial construction experience to rely on in conducting your Property Condition Assessment and preparing your PCR.  Most of our inspectors are also military veterans, and we reflect those military ethics of accountability and attention-to-detail in our work.  Check the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from our clients.  Also check our reviews on Yelp!

An important factor in the profitability of your business will likely be your costs to purchase and maintain your building.  Don’t leave those costs and your profitability to chance.  Contact Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors for a thorough, professional commercial property inspection.  Call us today at 281-565-4677 for a free quote.  We work with clients all around Houston and in surrounding counties.