One Year Home Warranty Inspection

Save Money with a One Year Home Warranty Inspection

Most new homes in the Houston area are sold with a a one year home warranty. Before your warranty expires, you should schedule a one year home warranty inspection with Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors to help protect you from hidden problems that surface after the warranty expires.

As a homeowner, you can identify the cosmetic problems that need to be fixed under the warranty, but you may miss the structural and mechanical issues that are harder to find and more expensive to fix.  Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors have the expertise and training to identify those issues for your builder’s correction.

Some construction problems may not show up during that first year in the house.  Perhaps you have missing insulation that didn’t cause problems during the recent warm winter, but that could cause your pipes to freeze and burst during a cold snap reaching the high teens.  Perhaps there are potential plumbing or heating and air conditioning issues that will cause problems if not corrected.

Typical problems we’ve found during one year home warranty inspections are:

Structural Issues.  Sometimes the builder’s crew might route pipes or vents and damage the structure of your home in doing that.  Cutting an attic truss or a floor joist can cause you serious structural problems over time and should be corrected by the builder under warranty.

Roof, Flashing & Gutter Issues.  You can have small mistakes in the installation of your roofing, flashing, and gutters that you won’t notice during the first year.  However, over the years these small leaks can cause rot and mold to develop and can also attract termites and other wood-destroying insects.  It’s best to discover these problems early so the builder can correct them easily and you don’t end up spending lots of money to fix them years later.

Safety Issues.  We’ve found the flue pipes for natural gas water heaters disconnected within walls or in the attic, which could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Electrical Problems.  We’ve found wires loose or improperly installed that could present a fire danger or an electric shock danger.

Our experienced, professional home inspectors will create a “punch list” for you and we’ll present it to your builder with our credentials.  Having a Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspector advocate on your side in working with your home builder is money well spent.

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