What’s a Home Foundation Form Inspection

What’s Covered in a Home Foundation Form Inspection from Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors

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What’s Checked on a Home Foundation Form Inspection

A Top To Bottom Foundation Inspection Can Prevent This

Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors checks multiple critical items during the pre-pour of the home foundation inspection. We’re going to check the form boards for levelness using a zip  level. We’re going to check for beam depth, proper beam depth, that’s it’s done according to specifications. Pad depth. The pad depth of your foundation is important. Many times it’s missed when a lot of contractors put these forms together. Also the steel, the plumbing, the moisture barrier. Many, many different components in your foundation form inspection that we’re going to check.

The main thing is using a digital zip level to check depth of beams, of pads, and your foundation form boards around the perimeter of the foundation. So the first phase of construction phase inspections is going to be the foundation forms prior to pour.

Top To Bottom Offers Package Deals on Inspections for Each Construction Phase

Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors has package deals on foundation, on construction phase inspections from the ground up, through the foundation form boards, the form components, pre-drywall phase, and then the final phase of construction.

Some of the other major things that we check during the foundation form board inspection is going to be the plumbing, the steel, your post-tension cables, electrical conduits that are installed, all your beams, steel in the beams, and, critically, the form boards, beam depth, pad depth. All checked.

Most of the time the builder is going to leave the specifications for the foundation here at the job site so that we can check what the minimum depths are engineered to be for that specific foundation. And looking at this drawing, the pad depths are standard at four inches so this slab is designed to be four inches deep all over. And then the beam depth, which is critical, on this one, is a little bit over built which is great. It’s a 30 inch beam depth on this particular foundation. We check that, measure it with a zip level to ensure that the contractor has met the minimum depth levels according to the engineering specs on the foundation.

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You’ve invested lots of money, time and effort in your new home.  You want to make sure that your home is built according to applicable codes and the plans you’ve agreed to with your builder.  Top To Bottom can make that happen for you, if you allow us to provide you with professional inspections of your home during and after the construction process.

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