What’s Covered in a Home Inspection

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What’s Covered in a Home Inspection from Top To Bottom?

What’s covered in a home inspection?  Darrell Mather talks about some of the items checked in this video.  Darrell recorded the video on Lake Conroe because Conroe and The Woodlands are two of the cities in the Houston area now served by Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors.  Call us at 281-565-4677 for a home inspection to meet your needs.

Summary of What’s Covered in a Home Inspection

Hello, this is Darrell with Top To Bottom Home Inspections and I am out here on beautiful Lake Conroe happy to announce Top To Bottom Home Inspections expansion into the Conroe Metro Area as well as along Lake Conroe.

Today we’re going to be covering what all is covered in a home inspection. So with a typical home inspection, we’re going to be looking at the heating and air conditioning unit as well as insulation in the attic, the yard and areas of poor drainage. The foundation such as are there visible cracks or is there sloping to the foundation itself.

And then we look at structural elements such as are there cracks in the walls, has the house been in a previous fire or is there other signs of previous damage. We’re also going to be looking at areas of the roof. We’ll determine if there are there bad patches, weak areas, or any damage to shingles. We’re going to be looking for faulty plumbing and faulty wiring. We’re going to be looking at temperature differentials using thermal imaging. We can also conduct pool inspections.

Zip level inspections determine if your foundation is off slope, if there’s a low spot, or if there are high spots. And then we can also conduct termite inspections with the official wood destroying insect report. And we also offer BUGCO Pest Control, our sister company, and do termite treatments well within the option period so that your deal does not fall through.

So if you do live on Lake Conroe or in the Conroe Metro Area, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 281-565-4677, that’s 281-565-4677 or you can always email us at info@texasinspectors.net. Thank you.

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