Pre-Sale Home Inspection

A Pre-Sale Home Inspection Helps You Address Problems Before You Market Your Home

You may think that a home inspection only benefits the buyer. However, as a home seller you should also consider getting a pre-sale home inspection. There are lots of great reasons for this. Please Call or Text us at 281-565-4677 for a quote or for more information. 

Pre-Sale Home Inspection Might Discover Arcing at the Electrical Panel

Eliminates Surprises.  You’ve found a qualified and motivated buyer for your home and then shortly before closing, the pre-purchase home inspection turns up several serious problems that threaten to derail the sale.  This situation could have been avoided if you’d ordered a pre-sale home inspection from Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors.  You’d have discovered the defects during your own inspection and then you’d have been able to make informed decisions about what to fix and what not to fix.  You might decide to adjust the asking price to reflect the estimated cost of repairs.

Negotiating Leverage.  Since you know the true condition of your property, you’re in a better position to negotiate from a position of informed strength.  You’ll know the likely cost of any needed repairs and you may be able to shorten negotiation times because the buyer will have fewer objections.

Legal Compliance.  Home seller disclosures in Texas are governed by Texas Property Code Section § 5.008. That statute provides: “A seller of residential real property comprising not more than one dwelling unit located in this state shall give to the purchaser of the property a written notice” of material defects in the property.  By ordering a pre-sale home inspection from Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors, you’ll be much less likely to overlook disclosing a defect for which you could be held liable later.

If you disclose the results of your pre-sale home inspection to the buyers, you’ll likely be viewed as worthy of trust and that will likely improve the probability of a sale at a good price.  It will also make the sales process less stressful and less combative for both sides of the transaction.

Top To Bottom Real Estate Inspectors is located in Richmond, Texas, but we provide pre-sale home inspections all across Metro Houston.  We’re proud of the professional services provided by our experienced home inspectors, and some of the great feedback from our clients is on this website and on Yelp.

Please Call or Text us at 281-565-4677 for a quote or to answer your questions.

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