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What is a draw inspection

What is a draw inspection?  Most people know that a real estate inspector or home inspector inspects homes for buyers and sellers. However, there is a lesser-known inspection called the ‘draw’ inspection. This type of inspection is conducted as part a construction project to validate progress on the project according to the project schedule.  The builder will send the lender draw requests to purchase labor and materials for the construction project.  The draw inspector will determine if the builder has completed work according to the draw schedule in the construction contract, and the inspector will determine the funds to be released to the builder.

The inspection can warn the lender about construction delays and identify problems in the construction.  The draw inspection might be done in conjunction with a New Construction loan, or perhaps with a Rehab to Renovation loan, or a Construction to Permanent loan.

Your Top To Bottom inspector will visit the construction site to verify that all items included in the draw request are in place on the site.  The draw inspector will assess the progress and take photos of a variety of requested components depending on the work to be completed.  Top To Bottom’s inspectors will continue to inspect the construction until either the work has been completed until the construction loan has been paid out in full.  So the draw inspector will visit the construction site multiple times over a period of weeks or months.

The following may also be part of the inspection:

  • Reviewing change orders and ensuring that they are included in the project schedule
  • Assessing the quality of the construction work performed and notifying the lender of potential quality issues.
  • Acting as an intermediary between the construction contractor and the lender to relay any concerns.

Some lenders schedule regular inspections even when there is no scheduled money draw just to monitor the progress of the project.  Top To Bottom Inspectors can provide lenders with peace of mind when a construction project is going well and early warning when problems arise.

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